Using Rental Turnstiles to Your Advantage

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If you think about it, there has been without a doubt many occasions in which you have passed through some type of a turnstile. It may have been to gain entrance to an amusement park, a hotel lobby, or any number of other venues. Sometimes, these turnstiles are so impressively designed that we do not even recognize them to be turnstiles. They can range from the very elaborate to the very simple.

Temporary Setups

If you attend an event that is set up in a temporary location, you might pass through a very simple type of turnstile. This is because it was not designed to be there permanently. It was likely a turnstile rental that came from a company like For short term events such as festivals and fairs, there is usually no use in purchasing a turnstile. To do so would not make good economic sense. Instead, a rental is the way to go.

Controlled Entrances

Renting a turnstile for temporary use can do several things for you. First, it helps you to control the way attendees gain access to the event. This is vital if the event is one that requires paid admission fees. Otherwise, you have no control over who enters and will lose money when people simply walk in without paying.

Accurate Count of Attendees

Another thing a temporary turnstile does for you, if you are in charge of the event, is to keep a count of how many people attend. It is simply not feasible to attempt a manual count of attendees. Doing so allows too much room for error, and the number you end up with would be unreliable.


If you are in charge of an event, you have likely given some consideration to the security risks that might be inherent in the activity. In the days when terrorist activities go on too frequently, you simply cannot afford to neglect the security issue. Turnstile rentals can aid in your security efforts in that they give you the ability to control the flow rate at which people enter, so security checks can be more effective. This alone might be enough to deter someone who otherwise might attempt to enter the event with the intent of doing harm.

While there is no doubt that you are familiar with turnstiles and their use, you might not have thought about their availability as rental units. The next time you plan an activity in which you expect a large number of people to attend, you might consider the advantages of the temporary use of turnstiles.