How to Get the Most Out of a Wireless Router

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Today’s world is run on technology. Everyone appears to be connected to the Internet. At home families stream movies and television shows directly to their home entertainments centers, while businesses process transactions and store information. The backbone of both systems needs to be as strong as possible. That is where a DD-WRT router, like the ones provided by Encrypted Routers, comes into play.

A Router That Needs a Boost

The list of Internet demands in a small household has been growing, with streaming movies, high-action games on the computer, multiple gaming consoles, and everyday browsing. There are few routers that can keep up with these types of Internet-stressing activities. Those routers that can handle all of this, right out of the box, are typically the top of the line. That means that most people will need to either live with having sub-par internet capabilities, or they can find an alternative method to give their current wireless router a large boost in performance and functionality. The entire family will be able to play their games without lagging, watch their movies without buffering, and even load a webpage without needing to wait when a router is equipped with DD-WRT.

What is DD-WRT?

Originally, DD-WRT was only available to a very specific router from Linksys. However, multiple manufacturers now have the capability of supporting DD-WRT. Finding the best router for DD-WRT depends on the needs of the household or business. DD-WRT is a setup in which the router allows for different firmware, other than the one installed by the manufacturer, to be used. This custom firmware can give the household a large increase in performance and functionality. For example, a router with a custom firmware installed could start supporting IPv6 connections, overclocking capabilities, advanced quality of service, and more. Finding custom firmware for a router is simple. There are multiple websites and forums available online dedicated solely to providing firmware for DD-WRT capable routers. There are, of course, various companies that will pre-install custom firmware to increase performance before shipping it to the customer. Those devices will be marked something along the lines of ‘flashed with DD-WRT.’

Getting the most from an internet connection is necessary in today’s Internet-driven world. The demands at home and work require a router that can keep up with high demands. That is why customers can install custom firmware on their DD-WRT capable routers. It will increase their performance and provide new features.