Twitter Releases Host Of New Emojis Available To Use On Timelines Now

The assortment of Twitter emojis varies, according to which app and platforms you’re using, whether iOS with the iPhone, iPad and Mac, Android or Windows Phone.

However, on Wednesday, and TweetDeck introduced a host of new emojis — or better yet, Twemojis — into timelinesacross the social media network.

The new Twemojis available are broken down into categories ranging from Modifiers to Families, Unicode 7 (hand signals), Unicode 8 (favorite foods) and even an anti-bullying group.

The Modifiers add a deluge of diversity, allowing users to select emojis based on skin tone, occupation and even religious preferences, in some cases. Many have red hair by default.

(Photo : Emojipedia)

Meanwhile, the Family addition of emojis include a diverse assortment to portray modern-day households, including same-sex couples with children and a number of different members.

Unicode 7 and 8 put emojis ranging from hand signals like the Vulcan “live long and prosper” salute and even the middle finger to favorite foods like tacos and hot dogs at users’ fingertips, while also adding 256 countries’ flags into the mix.

There are also anti-bullying emojis that pop up on your screen when typing the hashtag #IAmAWitness. has built an entire page of Twitter’s newly-introduced Twemojis to view in one place for your convenience.

Which emoji will you drop into your tweets first?