Duet App Update Features iPad Pro Support To Turn Tablet Into Extra Display

Duet App Update Features iPad Pro Support To Turn Tablet Into Extra Display

The app Duet Display rolled out an update today that now supports Apple’s new iPad Pro. This means that users can now use the 12.9-inch tablet as an extra display to create a more seamless workflow experience.

Duet Display, which first launched in 2014, is the app that turns iPads and iPhones into a secondary display for Mac users by using a Lightning or 30-pin cable.

Developed by ex-Apple engineers, the app has been updated before; however, this is the the biggest one to date. The Duet Display update features “massive performance improvements” required for iPad Pro support. This includes being able to deliver high-res display of Apple’s latest tablet, as well as providing a connection that doesn’t lag (a common problem when using Wi-Fi to turn an iOS device into a secondary Mac display screen).

With Duet Display version 1.2, users can set any iPad or iPhone display to be used as a second monitor for their computer or laptop. Two-thirds of the display can be used for Mac apps when using Duet Display with an iPad Pro or iPad Air 2, while the remaining third can be used for spilt-screen iOS apps.

The app is now powered by a more efficient algorithm, and as a result, the app’s CPU usage has been reduced by over 80 percent. The software also features faster refresh technology to keep up with the speed of the iPad Pro.

The improvements also apply to older iPad models as well as Macs and PCs.

Duet Display is available to download from the App Store for $9.99