Talking Point: What Free November 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

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What free games will be included with PlayStation Plus in November 2017? That’s the question that’s on everyone’s lips right now. Alright, maybe not everyone – but probably everyone who’s reading this article at least. Sony’s service has been on fire of late – and not in the NeoGAF implosion kind of way either – so it’s super exciting to see whether the platform holder can build upon its head of steam. What PS+ freebies are you hoping for?

When will November 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games be announced?

If Sony follows its usual schedule, then we should learn about November 2017’s free PS Plus games on Wednesday, 1st November, however it’s possible that it may announce the lineup a little earlier, during its Paris Games Week press conference on Monday, 30th October. That will only happen, we suspect, if the lineup is particularly strong.

When will November 2017’s free PS Plus games be available to download?

The free PlayStation Plus games are usually available on the first Tuesday in every month, which would be Tuesday, 7th November in this instance.

What are November 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games?

Ah, a good question. We actually correctly predicted Amnesia: Collection last time out, so we’re feeling pretty pumped about that. This month, though, is a lot harder. With all of the heavy hitters dropping at retail, we reckon something shorter and cinematic would fit the bill well – how about The Order: 1886? It’s not a great game by any stretch, but it’s worth seeing over a couple of cold winter evenings – especially gratis. Other candidates in the same vein could include, say, Heavy Rain – especially as a primer for Detroit: Become Human.

Which free November 2017 PS Plus games do you want?

This is why we’re here: if you find yourself physically repulsed by our suggestions above, then let us know what free games you’d like with PlayStation Plus in November 2017. Do you want more blockbusters? Would you prefer some high-profile indie games for a change? (It’s been a while, to be fair.) You know the drill.