PS4 update: 5.01 system patch launches for Sony PlayStation fans

The new PS4 update is out now

The new PS4 update is out now
When a new PS4 update is released, there’s usually a certain amount of expectation surrounding its launch.

PlayStation owners want to know exactly what has changed for their console, although this time they might be a bit disappointed.

That’s because the new PS4 update 5.01 patch notes reveal very little, only stating that things should have improved.

The latest system build apparently “Improves system performance,” which could mean that some of the new feature recently launched in update 5.0 have been optimised.

The PS4 update weighs in at around 374MB, so it should be a pretty easy patch for everyone to download.

It follows the recent launch of Sony’s 5.0 patch, which made some big changes and added new features.

The headline features are PS4 Pro users will now be able to stream in 1080p and 60FPS, which helps show off the power of their beefy console.

PS4 Pro will be able to stream in this high fidelity as long as their internet connection is strong enough.

The PS4 Friends List has also been given an update with greater management tools.

Users can now have separate lists of friends, such as a list of all the people you play Destiny 2 with.

You can then send invites to all of them when you want to go online.

Notifications have also been improved so you can disable them while watching TV or a film.

Also, the Parental Control features have been given a big overhaul and replaced with ‘Family on PSN’.

One user is the Family Manager and they can then set up accounts and appoint them as a parent/guardian, adult, or child.

Parents or guardians can then restrict child accounts “use of online features and communication with other players”.

They can also set restrictions for games, restrict the use of the internet browser, and set spending limits for PlayStation Store.

Both new patches and features should be available to everyone who has internet access available on their PlayStation 4 console.