Rajasthan to introduce new school syllabus from next academic session

Rajasthan to introduce new school syllabusThe Rajasthan Government has planned to introduce a new syllabus in the schools from next academic session, which would include stories of ‘mahapursh’ (great leaders) among other topics. The step is being taken as an endeavour to make the children aware about Indian culture and values.

On September 5, commemorating the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the Rajasthan Minister of State for Education Vasudev Devanani announced that the new syllabus, for Class 1 to 12, would bring major changes in books covering Indian culture, moral science and would include stories of ‘mahapurush’ (great leaders) and latest technologies.

He added that the students should learn about ‘mahapurush’, take lessons from their lives, the minister said. The new curriculum would not only increase the students’ knowledge but also prepare them for global competition and present day challenges, he said.

The Minister said that the books would be printed according to the new syllabus and distributed to students of over 83,500 schools in the state.

After receiving objections from teachers’ association and groups against increasing school duration by 40 minutes, the minister said, the State Education Department has decided to reduce it by 20 minutes and do away with separate timings during winters and summers. The State government had increased the school duration by 40 minutes from July 1, Mr. Devanani said, adding, the total duration would now be of 6 hours and 10 minutes.