CBSE provides relief to school students: Syllabus to be reduced

CBSE reduces syllabusSo as to lighten the study burden of school students, CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education) has come up with the decision to cut at least 25 percent  of the  syllabus  for the kids studying till Class 8 in Delhi government schools. The decision was announced by the education minister, Manish Sisodia who said that the plan will be implemented from October onwards.

Students have to carry heavy bags to school, which makes it inconvenient. According to newspaper reports, the syllabus reduction will be including all the books related to sports, theatre, art and culture, music etc.

The syllabus for higher classes such as Class 9 to 12 may also be reduced.

However, soon after the syllabi cut announcement was made, the decision got a mixed response from various educationists and activists across the country. As for many the manner and speed of the plan’s execution is questionable. On the other hand for many,   the plan of cutting down the syllabi should only be implemented only on government schools. As one argues, that plan will certainly violate the constitution’s motto of giving equality of opportunity.

Although, the plan to cut down the syllabus of Classes 9 to 12 will not be so easy as Delhi government schools are all affiliated to the CBSE and reduction can be achieved only through the board’s cooperation.