Google Voice App to Get VoIP Integration Across Platforms Soon

Google Voice App to Get VoIP Integration Across Platforms Soon

Google overhauled its call-forwarding and voicemail app Google Voice just a few days ago, and introduced a ‘cleaner, more intuitive’ interface. The tech giant has also promised regular updates to Google Voice, and now it’s planning to introduce VoIP calling in one of its upcoming updates.

Google has confirmed to 9to5Google that it is working on VoIP integration in the Google Voice app. “The updated Google Voice app doesn’t have VoIP features – it has the same features for making calls as the existing Google Voice app. Hangouts will ring by default in addition to any forwarding phones on your account, just as it did before. (Again, not a change with the new app.) We are working on VoIP integration,” Google told the publication.

Apparently, Wi-Fi calling abilities are being worked on; in the event that cellular connectivity goes kaput. The report further states that “this ability to make a call through your number regardless of device – and even on the Web – could single-handedly make Voice a full featured cellular alternative, if not a full replacement’.

This means that for now, VoIP calls will continue to ring via Hangouts, but Google is looking to push Google Voice as the primary calling app moving forward. This also means that Google may be looking to phase out Hangouts, and make Google Voice as its main communication app. It’s worth noting that Google Voice is only available in US and Canada right now. Launched in 2009, a Google Voice app user gets a free unique phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. The app even transcribes voicemail if you want to read them (and not listen to them), and even lets you makes international calls at low rates.

With VoIP integration, Google Voice could really pick up pace, and possibly then, Google could look to expand in international markets.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]