Netflix for Android Gets SD Card Support for Downloads

Netflix for Android Gets SD Card Support for Downloads

Netflix added the option to watch offline late last year, but the resultant downloads were restricted to your device’s inbuilt storage. That meant that people with limited space on their phones couldn’t make the most of the great feature. The streaming service is now changing that in a new announcement – Netflix now supports microSD cards for downloading movies and TV shows on Android phones and tablets.

It will sure be a relief for those who had ample free space on their expandable storage, but too little remaining on the device itself. Of course, if you’re on Android Marshmallow 6.0 or beyond, you could have already avoided such a situation by making use of the adoptable storage feature, which lets you ‘merge’ external and internal storage to look like one for all your applications.

For those who couldn’t, or who didn’t prefer to, all you need to do now is download the latest version of the Netflix app. From there, head into the app’s settings section, look for Download Location, and then pick from the available options – Internal Storage, or SD Card.

Netflix also notes that the content you’ve already downloaded will stay where it already is, so you’ll need to redownload all of it if you wish to make space on your phone’s internal storage. Plus, as usual, movies and TV shows have an expiry time as well – so just because you download it today, doesn’t mean it will stay on your microSD forever.

Either way, it’s still a nice addition for Android folks. iPhone and iPad owners will just have to be selective in what they want.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]