BlueStacks Now Lets You Stream Android Apps on Facebook Live

BlueStacks Now Lets You Stream Android Apps on Facebook Live

BlueStacks is an Android emulator for the desktop which allows users to run apps and games from Google Play using a Mac or a PC. With over a 150 million users currently, BlueStacks is now aiming for an even bigger audience by integrating with Facebook Live. With this, users can now stream any app from inside BlueStacks directly to Facebook.

Users will be able to stream the content to their own profile, their friend’s timelines, or their own fan page. BlueStacks in April added a similar Twitch-streaming option as well. While Twitch is gaming-centric, Facebook has the numbers which BlueStacks wants to capitalise on. Facebook also looks keen on diversifying its live videos with gaming.

“Contextual streaming is the future of live,” said BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma. “By giving people the ability to pair live streams with any app, it allows them to create more engaging content. We want to free people up to engage in app-fueled experiences like singing with Smule’s ‘Sing! Karaoke or sharing their gameplay from VainGlory. Our initial Twitch integration was an ideal showcase of what this can be in the gaming world. With this expansion to Facebook Live, we are adding the other million plus apps out there to the livestreaming ecosystem.”

BlueStacks has also partnered with China-based streaming services, PandaTV and DouYu, to bring mobile app streaming to an already growing Chinese market with 420 million mobile gamers.

 The company is kicking off the launch of Facebook Live integration by bringing in high profile YouTube celebrities ranging from musicians to gamers to livestream themselves and their favourite apps to millions of fans on Facebook.

Facebook has over a 100 partners for its Live API and BlueStacks is among the largest yet. BlueStacks is hoping to increase its user base through Facebook which currently boasts 1.65 billion users across the world.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]