WhatsApp Tipped to Include Passcode Protection Feature for Chats

WhatsApp Tipped to Include Passcode Protection Feature for Chats

WhatsApp implemented end-to-end encryption across all platforms earlier this year. If a new report is to be believed then the world’s most popular instant messaging app with over 1 billion users may add a passcode protection feature for chats soon.

Android Authority has been tipped about the purported six-digit passcode protection feature. The feature was spotted in WhatsApp translation requests, which are text strings sent by the company to volunteers to translate UI and other text, and if real, can indicate the company is working to add passcode protection.

Some of the phrases reported include “Enter the current six-digit passcode”, “Passcodes don’t match. Try again”, and “Enter a recovery email address”. The translated phrases indicate that users may get a recovery mail option in case they forget their six-digit passcode. The report further adds that the use of a recovery mail may be kept only as an option. This sounds slightly strange considering an email is required in case users lock their accounts. At this moment, it is not clear whether WhatsApp will keep the option to add six-digit passcode feature a compulsory or optional feature.

 In the past, leaked translation requests have been a reliable indicator of upcoming features on WhatsApp. So far however, there has been no confirmation about the rollout of the passcode feature from WhatsApp. The move to add passcodes to protect chats seems the next step to enhance messaging experience on WhatsApp as it already support full encryption on all platforms.

Recently, WhatsApp finally enabled the mention feature on its Android as well as iPhone apps. The mention feature works same as it does on Facebook and Twitter. Users will have to use “@” sign in a group chat and the app will automatically suggest names of the group members. Notably, the feature is currently limited to group chats only.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]