Hangouts 13.0 for Android Released With Chrome Custom Tabs Support

Hangouts 13.0 for Android Released With Chrome Custom Tabs Support

Google wants you to know that even though it has released text-messaging app Allo and video-calling app Duo, it has not forgotten Hangouts. This is why the search giant has released version 13.0 update for Hangouts, which brings support for Chrome Custom Tabs to the app on Android.

On the updated version of the app, you will find the option ‘Browse in Hangouts’ in the settings and by default it comes enabled. You also get the option to open the page in Chrome.

In the settings menu, at the top, there sits a warning to remind users that ‘Conversation merging is no longer available’, as pointed out by 9to5Google. Google removed ‘merged conversations’, which showed Hangouts messages and SMS messages from the same user in a single conversation, with its version 11.0 update of the Hangouts app on Android.

“Merged conversations used to let you see your Hangouts messages and text messages in the same conversation. We have decided to remove it, because it caused user confusion and had low usage,” Google said regarding the removal of merged conversations.

 Google has clarified that it wants Hangouts to be focused on businesses and simpler apps Allo and Duo to be consumer-centric.

The search giant recently announced that Hangouts On Air will move from Google+ to YouTube Live. In its note, the company said, “Events cannot be scheduled on Google+ after September 12 and you will need to move existing events scheduled to happen after September 12 to YouTube Live.”

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]