What are the benefits of operating in the cloud?

More businesses than ever are utilising the cloud to host data, apps and even entire infrastructures. In fact, only 5% of businesses aren’t using the cloud in some capacity according to RightScale. However, many businesses are still reliant on local servers, with only 10% operating solely in the cloud (Fuze).

With over 1.6 billion permutations of the cloud (Aberdeen Group) and a number of different services to choose from, including public and private clouds, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, data storage and cloud backup, it can be difficult to know where to start. This handy infographic from UK IT support company TSG unravels this jargon and takes you through the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Services like Office 365 run on public cloud services, allowing many customers to use shared resources. The remote datacentres these services run on are robustly backed up with additional servers and wrapped in top-class security; contrary to popular opinion, operating in the cloud can actually be safer than on premise, with automatic updates and backups. Find out more benefits of the cloud in the graphic below.