Twitterific for Mac Set to Make Comeback; Developer Iconfactory Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Twitterific for Mac Set to Make Comeback; Developer Iconfactory Launches Kickstarter Campaign

You may remember Twitterific as the first Twitter client for the Mac in 2007 and for the iPhone later on. The third-party app, in fact, grew so popular at the time that one could say it even beat Twitter at its own game, claiming the term ‘tweet’ and the bird icon before the social network was associated with them. Iconfactory, the developers of Twitterific, however, could not keep up with the pace of iOS development and in order to do so, completely neglected the Mac client.

Iconfactory on Wednesday decided to revive Twitterific for Mac. But in order to do so, the developer needs some funding. It has launched a Kickstarter campaign called Project Phoenix and is looking to raise $75,000 in funds to revamp Twitterific for Mac.

Ten years is a long time and both the Mac and Twitter platforms have seen a lot of change. Iconfactory knows that in order to revive Twitterific, it will need to bring in Twitter features used in the present day. Seeing as how there is still a surprising dearth of third-party Twitter clients for Mac, an updated Twitterific is likely to bring back its old fans as well as new users.

If the project is funded, Iconfactory aims for an August roll out of the update for Mac. According to the Kickstarter page, some of the functionalities that one can expect from the updated app are as follows.

Unified home timeline
Multiple account support
Composing, replying, and quoting tweets
Muffles and mutes
Delete and edit your own tweets
Sync timeline position with iOS
VoiceOver Accessibility
Timeline search (text filter/find)
Iconfactory ultimately aims to bring in all the functionality found in Twitterific for iOS to the Mac. Based on the list, most of the core features will be added initially. The developers also said they will add features like direct messaging, read lists, built-in Twitter search, and more if the tally reaches above $100,000. Additionally, funding over $125,000 will help bring in features like video upload, trends, and geolocation.

At the time of writing this, the campaign received close to $30,000, which means the developers are well on their way to reviving the client for Mac. Pledges on Kickstarter range from $15 to $1000 or more with increasing rewards depending on the amount. Twitterific for iOS is available on the iPhone and iPad through the App Store.

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