trenchless pipe repair

There was a time when repairing or replacing a damaged underground pipe meant digging a long trench in your backyard. It was an invasive, expensive, and time-consuming project that would destroy any landscaping you might have and essentially leave you without a backyard until the repairs are complete. This was all better than being left without a proper sewer line, but it was still incredibly inconvenient. Fortunately, modern plumbing companies have developed methods of trenchless pipe repair that are far less invasive and every bit as effective as the traditional methods.

How It Works

There are a few methods of trenchless sewer line repair, but most involve adding a resin to the inside of a pipe that hardens into a new liner for the pipe. This liner essentially acts as a new pipe, The resin is pumped into the pipe through a tiny hole at the front or the back of the piping run. Aside from digging a small access hole, there is no need to dig a trench or remove the damaged pipe itself.


The biggest advantage of trenchless sewer line repair is that it is much quicker and less invasive than a traditional underground pipe replacement. Depending on the techniques and equipment used, some trenchless repair projects can be completed in less than a day. Not only does this mean that the repair technicians finish their job quickly, but it also means that they leave you with an almost completely intact lawn. The new pipe that is installed is also leak-proof, chemical-resistant, and otherwise built to last.

If you suspect that you need a new sewer line for your home, you can rest assured that you don’t need to have your entire backyard dug up to install a new line. Contact a plumbing company in your area to find out if they offer trenchless sewer line repair. You will be satisfied with the results.