Can’t decide where to go on holiday? Now there’s brain technology to help you decide

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In 2017 it is quite possible to travel to just about anywhere in the world, the only real challenge is choosing where exactly you want to go.

This is where adventure travel experts Explore are here to help. Explore were in Dublin this week to launch their new emotion-tracking software which is designed to help you decide where to jet off to based on your emotional reactions.

Speaking to Managing Director of Explore Ashley Toft took some time to explain this new innovation:

“It’s a well established technology but what we have done is develop the software that links the technology, which measures the neurological activity in the brain and measures emotional responses in the brain, which we have linked to different holiday destinations.

“In reality this means you watch a video with a number of clips of different activities, different destinations and it measures those different emotional responses. Then we link those results to try and find your ideal destination.”

Explore currently offers over 500 trips to over 120 countries across the globe. From Arctic explorations to gliding through Venice in a gondola or even cycling trips across Asia, Explore aims to provide “once-in-a-lifetime adventures”.