How to Teach Your Home schooled Children About Historic Events

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When you homeschool your kids, you might find yourself at a loss on certain subjects. History, for instance, can be a challenge to teach. There are hundreds of thousands of historic events, all significant and important in their own ways. So, how do you teach it all? Where do you begin? Before you question your decision to homeschool your kiddos, read up on how you can better teach them about history from home.

Watch Movies, Read Books, and Have In-Depth Conversations

Movies that are closely based on historic events are great tools for the proverbial classroom. As are history books that tell a non-boring story. You can find both online or in bookshops. Plus, nothing beats an in-depth conversation. After you watch a movie or read a history story, have a conversation with your kids to toss historic events back and forth. Gauge their comprehension, encourage them to voice opinions and ask questions, and really engage their attention.

Research History by Topic

History, in its base form, is a series of events that shaped the world as you know it. With that said, there are topics, like love, war, and catastrophes, that were driving points for civilizations throughout history. Instead of focusing on time periods chronologically, go through topics. Ask your kids what kind of topic in history they want to learn about, then find historic stories and events that detail those topics. Mythology counts because those stories were once part of the ancient histories of old civilizations.

Imagine the Lives of People Throughout History

The most prominent figures in history are those that are notable for making the biggest impacts, both negative and positive. Additionally, historic people are worldwide—not just designated to one culture, state, or country. Encourage your kids to get to know these historical figures, then ask them what made these people great or not-so great. The most important part about learning history is comprehension.

Seek Help from Other Homeschooler Parents and Guardians

When in doubt, fellow homeschooler parents and guardians are go-to mentors. You can bounce ideas off of each other, talk about your lesson plans, and find out what works for other people in hopes of finding what works best for you and your kids. There’s no shame in seeking help and support, especially when it comes to your kids and their educations. You can use portable digital dictation equipment to take notes from your fellow homeschooler parents and mentors.

History is definitely something that should never be forgotten or taken lightly. It has shaped the world, after all. So, don’t hesitate to find the best ways to teach your kids about important historic events. Remember, you don’t have to cram everything in at once. You can take the lessons slow, focus on engagement and comprehension, and really ensure that the teachings stick with them.