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The practice of lighting the exterior of a public or private area has been around since the invention of fire. From the ancient Romans and Greeks and the Victorian mansions of the 19th century to the amazing, lighted displays of today, light has been used to enhance the beauty of an area while also increasing its safety. With the advancement of lighting technology in the 21st century, illuminating an area with commercial exterior light fixtures is not only more economical but reduces the energy used. As usual in these situations, the question comes down to what types of lighting are right for your business.

This depends on the type of business you own. If you have a standard office building, you want to focus on security with a sense of beauty. This may mean spotlights to highlight the company name on the front of the building and strategically-placed safety lighting on walkways and other public areas to make employees feel safe if they work late. This doesn’t mean the lights used should be at their maximum power at all hours. Exterior glass wall scones and motion sensor security lights can be set to dim and brighten when needed.

If your business is a hotel with exterior public areas like a pool or hot tub, then the lighting setup will be different. This is mostly for safety reasons. Think of how risky it would be if the area around the pool was not properly lit at night. This is when a variety of exterior lighting elements sold at companies like ecoelectric would work. You could have nicely designed wall sconces in one section, infrared sensor lights in another, and globe lights in a third location.

In all of these instances, you want to utilize bulbs which are friendly to both your wallet and the environment. These would be LED bulbs. In addition to emitting a softer light for public gatherings, the bulbs are a powerful Return on Investment (ROI) for your company as they cost less in bulk when first purchased and last much longer than the filament bulbs in the past. This means more security and exterior beauty for less money.

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