How to Take Care of Your Casters

You have just spent a lot of money on casters for some of the carts and chairs in your office. Needless to say, you want to make sure that you get the most out of the money you just spent. Therefore, you need to take very good care of your casters. It is common for people to neglect the casters they buy. This eventually results in the casters breaking and needing to be replaced in a short period of time. You can increase the life of your casters if you follow the few simple steps listed below.

1. Apply lubricant to the wheels of the casters on a regular basis.

A caster is useless if it is not able to spin as well as it should. Wheels on a caster need to have lubricant applied to them very often. Otherwise, the wheels will start to stiffen up. If this happens, it will become very hard to push or pull the cart that the casters are attached to. The amount of lubricant that you need to apply and the frequency that you have to apply it will depend on the size of the industrial casters and how often they are being used.

2. Never use your casters on surfaces that they were not designed for.

A frequent mistake that people make is using casters on very hot factory floors that they were never designed to withstand. The end result of this action will usually be the casters melting from the extreme heat and needing to be replaced. You need to have a full understanding of what your casters will be able to handle. You can then plan the use of your casters accordingly with no risk of them getting severely damaged.

3. Inspect your casters for signs of possible damage.

Casters can occasionally have a hard time spinning the way they are supposed to. Small problems with casters can usually be fixed fairly easily. However, they need to be caught in the early stages. The caster could become damaged to the point where it cannot be repaired if the problem is allowed to persist. Therefore, take a close look at all of the casters at your office in order to determine which ones need to be fixed. You can them give the broken casters the attention they deserve. This will keep your repair costs low.