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Reusing Old T-Shirts As Rags and Mops

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There’s been a concerted effort among people who care about the environment to take steps to make the planet better. Much of this effort is based on the idea that the current generation of people have a responsibility to leave something nice behind for those that come after them.

The effect of these efforts to maintain and improve the environment has led to the creation of a number of financially lucrative industries. On a large scale, a person may think about something like the solar panel industry. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that is revolutionizing the way that residential and commercial buildings get the energy that they need. Plans are in place to provide solar energy to entire cities. Every few years solar technology improves. This results in the effectiveness of the technology and the popularity of the technology increasing.

This same type of ingenuity is being seen in smaller industries. For example, there are companies that are taking textiles and re-purposing them. They are reusing the textiles so that they don’t just become garbage when they are no longer useful for clothing. An example of this is T shirt rags. Old T-shirts are being used as rags to clean up around the house, used by janitors, and used in schools. This simple concept has done so much to protect the environment and protect resources. At the same time, it’s generating a decent revenue stream for the individuals who are participating in this business.

Interestingly, when a person visits certain countries in Central and South America, the idea of using old shirts or old towels for mops or to clean up things has been around for some time. In these areas, the use of old T-shirts or other items as rags was more a matter of financial necessity. But as they say, necessity is quite often the mother of invention.

It will be interesting to see what the next few years have in stored when it comes to the creation and distribution of new environmentally friendly products and concepts.

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