Sony’s latest PlayStation headset looks awfully familiar

Sony has yet another wireless PlayStation headset coming soon. Last year it was the misnomered $150 Platinum Wireless Headset, and this time it’s a new Gold Wireless Headset. The refreshed cans take the basic form factor of the company’s stereo headset and shoehorn virtual 7.1 surround sound into it, in addition to wireless capabilities and compatibility with PlayStation VR. There are also new ear-cups and a redesigned headband in addition to a pair of hidden noise-cancelling microphones.

While it’s compatible with PSVR via an included 3.5mm audio cable, unlike the $60 Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR headset, this doesn’t feature an internal amp. Meaning, when you’re using this pair of Sony cans with the company’s VR helmet, sound is going to be much quieter because of the passive connection.

It’s really unfortunate that Sony releases a headset every year, alternating names, without adding much to them and without addressing bigger problems. The high prices are a bummer too when you can get better ones that cost quite a bit less and are better quality. These new Gold headsets are expected to ship by month’s end.