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A simple guide to understanding social media bios

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Once upon a time, we were advised against judging a book by its cover. That rule doesn’t apply in the social media-obsessed world of 2017. Covers have been replaced by bios, which are used to make the best/ worst first impressions. This week, we analysed the social media bio-sphere and created this simple guide to help you update your ‘About Me’ section…

Let wit work its wonders

Coming up with an effortlessly funny bio is an art in itself. Skip the clichéd titles (no #CoffeeAddict, #Writer etc) and replace them with funny real life incidents like Kalki Koechlin.

Best suited for: The experimentals who are okay with making a joke at their own expense.

Simple can be stylish too

Sometimes making a statement doesn’t require too many words. Take a leaf out of the books of actors like Rahul Khanna and Kunal Kapoor; simplify your life goals and rephrase them to make a mark.

Best suited for: Fans of simple living and high thinking. Remember, a clean bio is always better than a cluttered one.

There’s a lot you can learn from the social media bios of actors like Rahul Khanna, Vinay Pathak and Aamir Khan

Move away from the quotes

Twitter is a great place to find closet philosophers and fans of published quotes. While that’s a great way to find fellow thinkers, it may not make for the most impactful bio.

Best suited for: Writers who use social media as an outlet for their thoughts and not to achieve celebrity status.

Make the perfect pitch

The lines between different social media platforms are blurring, which explains the many professional accounts on Twitter. The bios can be condensed CVs for some and cooler visiting cards for others. Look up the co-founder of any start-up and you’ll see what we mean.

Best suited for: Professionals from across industries looking to expand their reach and fan following.

Minimalism for maximum impact

In complete contrast to the above are the one-word wonders. If you belong to the ‘won’t blow my own trumpet’ category, follow this style and join the likes of other online successes like Aamir Khan and Jimmy Kimmel.

Best suited for: Those really comfortable in their social media skin. One-word bios work for the already famous and not for the aspiring.

From HT Brunch, March 26, 2017

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