Salsa Class – A Countdown of the 7 Things a Salsa Dancer Should Try

Salsa is one of the most exciting dances in ballroom dancing. It originated in Cuba and have been adapted in many countries like United States, Spain, Japan, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Learning salsa is not easy, even if you have been dancing it for quite a number of years already; I believe you should still go through this 7- point list of things that all salsa dancers should try in a Salsa Class.

At # 7: Be one with the music and your partner.

You must be wondering why this is part of the countdown. It is of course expected that you have a good chemistry with your music and most especially with your dance partner. You can never be successful in any dance routine if you cannot achieve this. This is usually a dilemma experienced by beginners who focuses more on the counting, the right steps, the balancing, and they end up forgetting that they are dancing with someone else. To get your chemistry going, take a moment on the dance floor to appraise your own and your partner’s styles. You can also communicate with your partner and learn the ropes together, this way it would be easy for both of you to know how you should be dancing together. Just be sensitive with yourself, your partner and your music, chemistry makes the whole routine a lot more beautiful!

Down at #6: learn salsa and its styles.

One of the biggest salsa styles in Eugene and in some places in NY is the L.A style. But this one is currently making a grand entrance in the scene; this is the CUBAN STYLE, also known as the CASINO or SALSA CUBANA. This type of salsa is unique and can be danced either with a partner or in a group. Dancing salsa in a group makes you a part of a larger community that expresses a harmonious relation with music.

At #5: learn the salsa culture

If you are learning the salsa dance, you have to start learning its culture. This will help you appreciate the music and the dance more. Learning the salsa culture is not that easy, but it’s all worth it.

In the #4 place: learn to lead and learn to follow

In a salsa class, there are things like “gender roles” and it would be best if you appreciate them for they are rooted from history and culture. If you are the leading in the dance, make sure you know how to follow, and if you are the follower in the dance, you should learn how to lead. This would make you a more versatile dancer.

Now on #3 spot: go experiment!

Dancing will entice you to go and learn more, experiment! Learning other dances will help you appreciate salsa even more.

Almost there, in #2: keep a close watch on the strong dancers

To learn salsa a lot better, try watching how good dancers, observe their rhythm, balance, style of movement and the groove they have with the music. But as a beginner, start with the basics, have the enthusiasm to learn more and improve your style. You can also list down some moves and

And the one who made on the top of the list: support your fellow dancers.

Being the best is not only through improving your moves or styles, but being nice to people around you. Get to know people you dance with, help out beginners, share you talent and skills and reconcile with dancers you have hurt or have had conflicts with. This will complete your success.

This is how it should go about in your list too! Make salsa class a place for success and genuine relationships.