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Pokemon Go Eggs Now Have More Gen 2 Options

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Pokemon Go Eggs Now Have More Gen 2 Options


  • Pichu with Ash’s hat available with 2km egg for limited time
  • Chikorita and Marill now part of 5km eggs
  • Porygon moves from 5km to 10km egg

As part of its first anniversary celebrations, Pokemon Goadded a special edition Pikachu and Anniversary Box for players late last week. At the same time, developer Niantic has also made changes to what Pokemon hatch under the three different egg types.

Pichu (with Ash’s hat) and Spinarak now come out of 2km eggs. With the 5km eggs, your additional options include Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Gligar, Hoppip, Mantine, Marill, Natu, Pineco, Snubull, Swinub, Teddiursa, Totodile, and Wooper. Lastly, Chinchou and Porygon have been added to 10km eggs.

Of the above Pokemon, Gligar, Mantine, and Pineco used to hatch out of 10km eggs, so they seem to have been made less rare. Porygon, meanwhile, has gone the other route from 5km to 10km egg, so you’ll need to walk double the amount to have a chance at getting it.

Most players have expressed their disappointment at the Anniversary “rewards”, claiming the steep pricing of the Anniversary Box, and the uselessness of Pikachu in a hat. Available for 1,200 Poke coins, the box gives you six Egg Incubators, six Max Revives, two Premium Raid Passes, and 20 Ultra Balls.

The items in the box can be obtained for 1,100 Poke coins, according to multiple media reports, with Ultra Balls and Max Revives available for free from Poke stops.

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