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PlayStation VR Games Update: Farpoint release date and Aim Controller coming soon

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PlayStation VR Update

FARPOINT could be PlayStation VR’s saviour
Virtual reality Sci-Fi shooter Farpoint finally has a release date having first been revealed at E3 last year.Play

You’ll have no doubt seen the VR game at some stage or another. You can’t miss it really, as Sony have been sure to include footage of Farpoint and VR players using the new AIM controller in various PlayStation VR marketing trailers.

“Farpoint transports you to a distant alien world where you’ll need to contend with hostile lifeforms and hazardous environments as you explore your surroundings, piece together what happened and search for a way home.” reads a Sony blog post.

The PlayStation VR exclusive is the first PS VR title to make use of a dedicated VR Aim Controller, which allows users to aim via the weapon’s virtual scope.

“The controller’s built-in motion sensors and sphere work with the PS Camera to track your movements, offering pin-point accuracy as you take on the planet’s hostile inhabitants,” Sony explains.

“On top of this, built-in rumble features, will deliver immersive real-time feedback every time you squeeze the trigger.”

It’s possible to also use a normal Dualshock 4 wireless controller to play Farpoint if you’d prefer, but having used the AIM Controller at E3 last year, we’re confident it’s the optimum way to play Farpoint.

Impulse Gear has also revealed that the game will support online co-op at launch, allowing players to team up with a friend in previously completed levels.

“The team at Impulse Gear is also excited to announce that Farpoint will feature online co-op play at launch.”

“This extra mode will allow you and a friend to buddy up and enter previously completed levels to tackle enemy hoards side-by-side, racking up points for kills and accuracy as you go.”

A release date has also been revealed with the game launching on May 17 alongside the Aim Controller which is also sold separately.

To enjoy the full experience including the Aim Controller, a retail bundle will be available priced £74.99.

Should you opt to play with a DualShock 4 the game on its own will cost £49.99 at retail.

Though pricey, Sony says the Aim Controller will support other titles in the future.

“Additionally, players who pre-order the bundle or standalone game will get access to the Red Planet Wanderer Spacesuit – an exclusive UEP skin to wear in-game – to give you a stand-out look for your first outing into Farpoint’s alien world.” the Sony PS blog explains.

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