Olloclip’s Got An Intense New Modular Photo System For The iPhone


Believe it or not, there’s an iPhone in there somewhere. This beast is the Studio, the latest accessory from smartphone lens maker Olloclip. It’s a fairly intense modular system designed to transform Apple’s handset into a photography machine.

At the center of the system is a thick and rugged case with a gutter on the rear into which a number of different clips can be hooked. These can by used as simple handles for shooting video or can house a number of of different accessories, including a GorillaPod-like stand, lighting, a microphone and a kickstand. And, naturally, there’s still a slot for the company’s signature clip-on lenses.

On its own, the case is probably a bit bulky for everyday use, but it’s a compelling little accessory hub for those looking to really, really step up their iPhone photo/video game. The Studio is up now for preorder, priced at $90 for both the standard and plus model iPhone versions.