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Now You Can Order Domino’s With One Touch Of Your Apple Watch

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Domino's Apple Wtach App

Domino’s has created a new application specifically for the Apple Watch. The app allows hungry customers who own the wearable to order pizza or any of the company’s other goodies with a single tap of their smartwatch.

Domino’s has always been on top of the innovation chain when it comes to fast food ordering technology. The company continues to develop and introduce new ways, such as allowing customers to text emojis to order, track and receive their pizzas and other food items. We say “other food items” because Domino’s hasn’t just been about pizza for a while now, which is why they’ve been going by a single name since 2012. They’ve stepped up their game in the food department with specialty chicken dishes, pasta, and a delicious hot brownie/chocolate chip cookie hybrid dessert.

Many Domino’s customers are already accustomed to the company’s “easy order” feature, which enables them to create a regular standby order rather than entering all the extra cheesy details each time they have a craving. Then, when the hunger pangs do appear, one simple tap of the company’s new Apple Watch “Easy Order App” will automatically alert the location of their choice that a new pizza emergency is in effect.

“The restorative effects of our pizza are widely known as is our passion for innovation, so pairing the new Easy Order with the Apple Watch – the ultimate convenience gadget – is a match made in heaven,” Simon Wallis, chief of marketing for Domino’s proclaimed. “The possibilities of smartwatch ordering mean our pizza fans will never be further than a wrist tap away from their emergency Pepperoni Passion or Texas BBQ.”

While Apple has taken every opportunity to tout the health and fitness benefits available through use of the popular wearable, we have a feeling that the “restorative effects” of an easy-order Domino’s pizza weren’t exactly what they had in mind, especially considering the fact that the only calories burned in the exchange are the relatively paltry few that it takes to walk from one’s couch to answer the door. Still, we applaud Domino’s for continuing to introduce new technology and applications to make things simpler and better for their customers – who, after pigging out, can then use the Apple Watch fitness features to keep themselves in shape.


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