New iOS Contacts App ‘Interact’ Adds Cool Tricks For iPhone And iPad Power Users


The new “Interact” app is now available for iOS users who want something more than simply saving and keeping thousands of contacts on their devices.

The app, which has been designed for iPhones and iPads, boasts a number of innovative features that allow users to organize their contacts after creating them on their devices. It is also optimized for group texting and email, a feature that best suits those who communicate regularly within members in a group.

“Interact helps you create, organize and communicate with your contacts in ways that just haven’t been possible before,” said app developer Agile Tortoise. “It’s built to help you do more in less time and flex for the way you work.”

Users can simply pull in their current contacts that are saved on their devices and then add them to Interact. These contacts instantly become viewable in the device’s contact database, which can come in handy if the user likes to use a number of iOS devices. The same viewing capability is achieved for groups that have been edited.

“Interact works exclusively with the contacts you have set up through accounts in the iOS Settings app,” reads the app’s description on iTunes. “All contact data is derived from accounts configured in iOS Settings, and all changes are saved to those same accounts.”

So what makes Interact special?

According to Agile Tortoise, the app easily allows the user to send messages or emails to a single contact or to groups with just a single tap. There is also the ability to send files such as photos and documents from a number of Document Provider apps, which eliminates the need to switch from one app to another.

“Juggle apps less, send more: message and email photos and documents from many other Document Provider apps, including Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, and more,” said Agile Tortoise.

Other interesting features include the ability to quickly share files, images, links and texts to contacts using email and Messages through the Interact Share extension; easily create new contacts either through the Scratchpad or the “Create Contact” app extension; automatically sort contacts into their respective contact fields (using natural language parsing); and customize the default ordering of email, phone and other contact details according to the user’s needs. It also has Spotlight integration, 3D Touch Support, iPad multitasking and iPad Pro support. Landscape mode looks good as well.

The app has a limited time launch price of $4.99. Since it is also a universal app, iPhone and iPad users can be assured that purchasing the app will only be necessary once.