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New Apple Watch Band Leaks In Apple Store: Meet The Sleek Space Black Milanese Loop

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Space Black Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

Apple seems to be having a new Apple Watch band en route, as the company just leaked a Space Black Milanese Loop on its Czech Apple Store.

Wearable gadgets are popular these days, and the design and options available with each product can make a great difference. Customers may want top-notch features and specs, but they also care about how a device looks like, especially if it’s a smartwatch they want to wear all the time.

The Apple Watch is one of the most talked-about smartwatches currently available on the market, stirring great interest ever since it launched. The gadget proved to be a hot seller in 2015 and continues to be in demand. Apple offers several smartwatch models to suit different tastes and budgets, as well as a number of different bands so customers have plenty of options to choose from.

It now looks like Apple is getting ready to expand its offerings, adding a new band for its first and only smartwatch. A 42-mm Space Black Milanese Loop band briefly surfaced on the Czech Apple Store, designed to match the Space Black steel watch models. Apple has since taken down that page, but we managed to get a good look at the listing and pull the official image you see above.

If you’re wondering how or why this is news, it’s because black Milanese loops for the Apple Watch have been available so far, but they were third-party aftermarket accessories. The new Space Black Milanese Loop we’re talking about here is an official Apple band.

Apple didn’t make a formal announcement to detail the price and availability of the new band option, but the Space Black Milanese Loop popped up on its Czech Apple Store shortly after the company said it will bring its smartwatch in the region later this month. The new band option for the Apple Watch doesn’t seem to be featured in the U.S. Apple Store at this point, but it will likely see a wide debut in more regions soon enough. The fact that the listing was pulled from the Czech Apple Store indicates that it might have been accidental, popping up ahead of schedule.

Before being pulled, the listing on the Czech Apple Store included a number of images that showed the Space Black Milanese Loop in all its glory, but revealed little else. The description is very similar to the one for the regular Milanese band. Oddly enough, however, the listing didn’t have a price tag or a buy button, which suggested that the product was not ready for prime time just yet. The shipping date indicated that Apple will start selling the band next week, and that’s likely when the page will go live again.

If so, the company should issue an official statement in the following days, offering more details.

While a Space Black Milanese Loop doesn’t sound bad, however, we’re more excited about Apple’s plans for 2016 when it comes to more hardware products. We expect Apple to launch a new Apple Watch iteration, as well as a high-end iPhone 7, new MacBooks and more.

Nevertheless, smaller additions such as new Watch bands should keep Apple fanboys busy for a little longer, until the company comes up with bigger product launches.

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