iPhone Users Can Now Use Siri to Book an Uber

iPhone users running the latest iOS 10 can now book an Uber using Siri and Apple Maps. In order to book an Uber from Siri or Apple Maps, users will have to upgrade to the latest iOS 10 and then update their Uber app. After installing, users can head to Siri and simply hail an Uber ride by saying, “Siri, get me an Uber.”

It’s however worth noting that for booking Uber using Siri, users will have to give Siri access to Uber data, as shown in the below screenshot. When requesting a ride using Siri, users will see the fare for the destination within the app. In the Apple Maps app, users can book an Uber via the “Ride” tab and this option will appear when looking up a destination in Apple Maps.

Uber announced Siri integration back in June and promised that Apple’s voice-activated digital assistant will be able to request a ride and receive real-time updates soon. Apple at its WWDC 2016 event had confirmed that Siri will be beefed up with APIs that could finally allow it to control third-party apps and let book Uber rides apart from other functions like send WhatsApp messages.

To recall, Google Maps integration for the Uber app was available to users in India at the beginning of 2015. With the integration, Uber showed as a travel option to Google Maps users both on iPhone and Android who tried to search for a destination. If the Uber app was installed on the phone, the Google Maps app showed an estimated Uber car pickup time, fare, and travel time to the destination when searching for transit. On tapping Uber card in Google Maps and users were taken directly to the Uber app to complete the booking.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]