Here’s Every Feature From Sony’s Latest PS4 System Software Update

Here's Every Feature From Sony's Latest PS4 System Software Update

Playing PS4 games on your Windows PC or Mac might be the headline feature of the latest PS4 system software update from Sony, but there’s more to version 3.50 codenamed Musashi than the company has let on.

There are some unannounced features including support for hard drives up to 4TB, USB music playback, and managing storage on PlayStation Plus. These are just some of the features eagle-eyed PS4 users on Reddit have uncovered. Here’s a list of what else you can expect when you update your PS4:

  • User Scheduled/Created Events.
  • Play Together button – easily invite people in your party to the same game.
  • Friend online notifications can be turned on or off on a person to person basis.
  • Appear offline.
  • Remote play on PC/Mac.
  • Dailymotion Live Support for streaming.
  • Teens (13 to 17 years old) can now create their own accounts with limited access to play offline games, rather than having to use a sub account.
  • Easier to search for communities by text, language, time zone.
  • You can now share other people’s activities so your friend’s can see it too.
  • Tweets to messaging – you can see short replies to messages without jumping to a different screen.
  • You can tag other players when sharing video and screenshots (if you have your Facebook/Twitter permissions enabled, the tags will carry over to the sharing on those sites).
  • You can check the status of PSN.
  • Improvements to PlayStation Plus (improvements to managing online storage and ability to see friends who play the same games as you).
  • You can disable the screenshot on-screen notification (in Settings under Notifications) allowing you to take multiple screenshots in a row without the screenshot taken popup.
  • The sound indicating the screenshot was taken still functions as normal.
  • Life From PlayStation Improvements:
    – There’s a search field on the game list now. Previously you had to use the “global” search, that’d return matches for everything (pre-recorded, videos, screenshots) and not just live streams.
    – You can pin up to three games that will stay on the top of the list. You can set a party member limit now. From 2-8 people.                                                                                                                                                                                        [Source:- NDTV]