Sorting out the math: Apple watch or the Samsung smartwatch?

Apple has never stopped amusing people with its high ranged phones. To be brutally honest Apple doesn’t give you that many features which a same priced android phone does, but still we all love Apple. The unique thing about Apple is that though the external specifications of phone lack in comparison to others, but the quality and the technology used are better than others, which makes it stand out in the market. Same goes on with the apple watches, when first launched in 2014, they were discarded by people as for being too expensive and all, but gradually people are getting the idea of Smartwatches and Apple has eventually succeeded in the smartwatch market.

     Samsung, a tough competitor to ‘Apple’ isn’t far behind and is working on many new smartwatch concepts, the last year launch gear S2 watch gathered a lot of  attention by its looks and design. Samsung is being considered the arch rival of ‘Apple’, as it’s the only brand in the current market which is sending out products equal or better than apple. Without further a-do let’s hop on to those differences.

Looks and design: which device has eye-catching design;

Both watches are decent in the design segment, with apple having three different designs and the Gear 2 being the one and only, yet somewhat better looking of the two. Both the watches are good looking; the special feature of the apple is its digital crown which upon rotating slides the screen up or down, while Samsung added a little taste to this feature by making the whole bezel rotatable. On first impression the Apple watch looks a more premium and expensive (which it is) in comparison to the Gear 2, but the Samsung’s watch manages to pull out the typical watch experience with its round shaped dial and synthetic band. AliExpress India offers are mostly used because they give the best offers.

Usage, battery and notifications

Both the watches are sort of similar if it comes to the ‘pairing’ thing. While apple watch can only be paired with its own devices, the Samsung gear2 too doesn’t go well with the other devices. You can see push notifications about your social media handles but you can’t open them in either of the watch. Apple somehow grabs the bag here, as you can see the Instagram photos on the watch itself. If you talk about replying to a mail or text, you have options for voice dictation & preset replies in both the device, while and extra feature of keyboard usage is provided by the Gear2.  Another interesting feature is that you can wear the Apple watch on either of your hands and can turn the display and the crown dial, accordingly, which unfortunately you can’t do in the gear 2. Talking about battery life the Samsung’s watch beats apple watch by having lasting 2 days whilst its counterpart last 1 and half.

Both the watches will cost you a fortune, but cut yourself some slack and go for coupons for paytm. Based on design, if you are an industrialist, go on for the apple watch it look more professional, if you are youngster or you don’t care much about anything, go for the Gear 2 its simply more fun than the apple watch. If it were me I would prefer the apple watch more, the reason? I don’t know its just ‘Apple’.