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Got A Samsung Galaxy Note 5 For Christmas? Here Are The Best Accessories You Can Buy

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Note 5 cover

These days, we can’t get by with just a phone. We have to buy accessories to come with it, too.

Gone are the days of simply unboxing a phone and jumping right into it to make calls and texts. Nowadays, after buying a new phone we have to first register our credentials, install apps and tweak a handful of settings before we can start using it.

That holds even more true for today’s smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Especially with the device’s fancy design, it’s not a gadget you won’t want to accessorize. The device is packed with so many bells and whistles, it’d be a shame not to make use of them all.

Pretty Protection for a Pretty Phone

The Galaxy Note 5 is a pretty device that’s going to need protection that’s just as pretty. Of course, Samsung makes some of the best first-party accessories for the Note 5, and their cases belong to a class like no other.

The device itself costs a pretty penny at $700. A case befitting of such a price can be had from Mont Blanc for that “understated elegance” look or a case made by Swarovski for Samsung to match one’s sparkly lifestyle.

For the rest of us, a see-through clear view cover is more than enough for providing ample protection on both sides of the phone (especially the curvy backside). For those looking for the classic feel of yester-year’s phones, Samsung also offers a detachable QWERTY keyboard cover for the Note 5.

Ditch the Cables and Wires

The Galaxy Note 5’s quick charging function juices up half of the device’s 3,000Ah battery in just 30 minutes. Normally, wireless chargers can’t make use of quick charging features, but Samsung’s wireless charger can and it’ll get the Note from zero to 100 percent in just two hours – no cables required.

For wireless charging on the go, Samsung even has a wireless charger pack. Like popular power banks that hold anywhere from 3,000 mAh charges up to 20,000 mAh or more, these still require cables to hook onto the device. Samsung’s wireless charger pack, however, slips on like a protective case (just a little thicker).

Another trick the Galaxy Note 5 has up its sleeve is found in its Bluetooth connectivity features. With a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones, Note 5 owners can do more than just listen to music. They can make calls and even use S Voice (if they really, really wanted to). For these, the Level On Wireless Pro headphones and the Level U earphones should be a perfect fit.

Also making use of the Galaxy Note 5’s Bluetooth are wireless keyboards. With its ample-sized 5.7-inch screen and TouchWiz’s multi-tasking features, Bluetooth keyboards can help transform the device into a bona fide mobile desktop-tablet-mobile productivity machine.

Finally, instead of using a USB data cable to move and transfer files between their smartphones and their computers, Note 5 users would be best served with a wireless flash drive to get the same job done. Also, because the Note 5 lacks previous Notes’ microSD card functionality, a USB flash drive with both a micro USB and a standard USB port will prove just as handy (if not quicker) for moving files from one gadget to another.

The Right Wrist Accessories

Not all notifications are created equally. It’s nice to take out the Note 5 from the pocket because of its great design, but having to retrieve it to check every single notification we receive is both a waste of time, energy, and battery.

Smartwatches help solve all three of those problems. It’s much easier to just flip the wrist to check out a notification. Also, smartwatch batteries last all day and will help shave a few battery percentage points from our smartphones at the same time. Oh, and they tell the time, too.

Samsung’s Gear S2 and the Gear Fit would probably best complement the Note 5. The Gear S2 comes in a more traditional form factor while the Gear Fit includes the added ability to better keep track of a user’s fitness activity. Overall, we’re more inclined towards the fit, finish, and feel of Motorola’s Moto 360 which runs Android Wear really well on the Note 5.


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