Google’s Chromecast Audio Update Now Supports Multi-Room And Hi-Res Streaming

Google's Chromecast Audio Update Now Supports Multi-Room And Hi-Res Streaming

Google Chromecast Audio users who have speakers located in various rooms can now use the device to fill music throughout their entire house.

Google announced on Thursday that it is rolling out two new features for its Chromecast Audio device: support for multi-room music streaming and the ability to stream high-resolution tracks over Wi-Fi.

Google previously announced these features back when the streaming device launched in September. Google’s Chromecast Audio is a $35 dongle device that plugs into a speaker for streaming music straight from the user’s phone to a speaker over Wi-Fi. Users can stream music from supported apps like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and SoundCloud.

Making good on its promise, Chromecast Audio now lets users group multiple speakers together under one unit in its multi-room feature so that the same song will play on all of them at the same time. Just make sure the speakers have a 3.5 mm audio input required for Chromecast Audio to work.

(Photo : Google)

To set up the multi-room functionality, simply connect and set up the device to each speaker using the Chromecast app for iOS and Android, and create the group. Now, your music will play in any room you place your speakers in, perfect for playing holiday music while decorating or throwing a party, or when jamming out during cleaning time.

Google is also rolling out hi-res audio support of up to 96 KHz/24-bit lossless audio playback over Wi-Fi. This means that users will be able to hear their audio in what Google says is higher quality than CDs.