Google’s Calculator App Gets Calculation History Feature With v7.2 Update

Google's Calculator App Gets Calculation History Feature With v7.2 Update

It is usually hard to argue if there is enough room for improvement in calculator apps as apart from regular calculations, ranging from simple to complex, there is little scope for additional features. However, Google has provided a much-needed feature-calculation history – to its stock Calculator app on Android with the latest v7.2 update.

The latest update to the app allows the calculator to keep a record of the calculations made by the user. In order to access the record of the calculations made with the app, users need to tap the menu option available at the top-right of the screen and then select ‘History’. After updating to version 7.2 of the Google Calculator app, users can access calculation history panel by dragging down anywhere within the white calculation field.

If you want to clear your calculation history for some reason, you can do so by heading to the History section, then tapping on the menu option and finally choosing to clear the history from the Google Calculator app.

The v7.2 update to the Google Calculator app is likely to roll out soon but if you want to get hold of this feature in advance, you can do so by sideloading the APK file for version 7.2 of Google’s Calculator app after downloading it from APKMirror, shared by 9to5Google

In its last update to the Calculator app, Google added the support for Android Nougat, multi-window feature, and digit grouping for large numbers.

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