Google Voice Gets Overhauled Across Android, iOS, and Web Apps

Google Voice Gets Overhauled Across Android, iOS, and Web Apps

Google Voice, a call-forwarding and voicemail service started by search giant back in 2009, has received an update that provides its app with a more organised look as per the search giant. Google, by its own admission, took several years to provide a significant update to the app but has now provided it with new features.

Earlier this month, Google confirmed that it was working on some updates to the Google Voice app but did not share what exactly was coming with the update.

The search giant has now announced that the update provides the app with a “cleaner, more intuitive design” that helps users in keeping things organised. With the latest update, the Inbox now has separate tabs for text messages, calls, and voicemails. “Conversations stay in one continuous thread, so you can easily see all your messages from each of your contacts in one place,” Google said in its official blog.

Google says that it has further provided the app with support for group and photo MMS along with an in-notification reply feature. Apart from these additions, voicemail transcription for Spanish has also been added and Google says that its accuracy will improve over time.

Among new additions, there is also a new spam filter that can be applied to all types of communications, as pointed out in a report by 9To5Mac.

Going forward, Google Voice apps will be provided with new updates and features, the company promised in its official blog. Google has pointed out that people who use Hangouts for Google Voice need not necessarily change to the new apps. The updates have already started rolling out and will be made available in coming weeks as per company.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]