Google Search for Android Now Shows More Entertainment Contextual Information

Google last week announced some enhancements for its Search app on Android that provide more contextual information about musicians, actors, TV shows, and movies upon search.

For instance, users would now get extra information on song recommendations, lyrics, covers, and more when searching for a musician. “And for TV shows and movies, it’s easier to explore past and upcoming episodes, get a recommendation on what to watch next, check out the cast, and find showtimes near you,” said Satyajeet Salgar, Product Manager on Google search blog. The search giant says the update for now is only for Android smartphones and tablets, and will be reaching iOS soon. The update will roll out in phases, and has not yet reached us in India.

Google earlier this month announced a new feature to make searching for images a tad-bit easier for users. The feature lets users star and bookmark images directly from Google’s image search in their mobile browser. It also lets you categorise those images in a folder for easy access. Under the image search results, users can select an image and tap on the star to bookmark it. Once you’ve starred few images, Google will give you an option to put all of them under folders.

Google has lately been pushing a slew of update for its apps for its mobile operating system. Google in October updated its Search app letting users tap and play gif images in image search results. The update brought the ability to add a photo or review for their favourite local places and get map results inside the app when searching for an address.

Last month, the search giant announced several important updates to the Google Photos service, one of which was the Free Up Space feature. The feature asks users to bulk-delete those media files that have been already backed up on Google Photos from the device.