Google Maps Uber Booking Integration Removed From Android, iOS Apps

Google Maps Uber Booking Integration Removed From Android, iOS Apps

Google Maps has now taken away a handy Uber feature that let users book rides without leaving the app. In early 2017, Google had added the ability to book Uber trips via Maps, but it appears the convenience was short-lived. Since Google has quietly pulled the feature from Maps, it is not certain when the direct Uber booking was removed. Notably, you will still see the Uber ride option within Google Maps, among other supported ride-sharing apps in your region, but booking a car with Uber will switch you to the Uber app. Earlier, when the feature was active, users wouldn’t even need to have the Uber app installed.

In a new support post, first spotted by Android Police, Google states, “You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps.” While the support page has been updated to reflect the change, there is no explanation on why the feature has vanished. The report says that Uber integration appears to have been pulled from Google Maps for iOS last summer, but in a teardown of the Maps version 9.72 APK for Android in February of this year, the feature was still present. Neither Google nor Uber has offered any explanations as to why this change has taken place.

As mentioned, Uber integration from Google Maps app has not been entirely removed. Users can still get an estimate on how much an Uber ride will cost and the duration it will take to get to a destination. However, in order to complete the booking, the Maps app will now open the Uber app.

In India, as before, Uber is highlighted with Ola along with cost estimates. Both of them require you to open the respective app to complete a booking. It is uncertain if the Maps integration will ever return, since Google has already updated its support page to reflect the change.