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The Boon of Online Tutoring for Engineering and Medical Aspirants 2019

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In the past decade, it was difficult to imagine a learning environment outside the ‘classrooms’. The time constraint and the limited accessibility were deemed ‘necessary’ for the students looking for quality education. Engineering aspirants  looking for high-quality and result-oriented engineering coaching classes or medical aspirants looking for medical coaching classes used to join traditional coaching centers in their cities or even different cities. The scenario is reaching now. Those who are preparing for NEET 2019 or JEE 2019 are increasingly opting for online coaching services.

There are several reasons why online tutoring is in vogue now. Just a laptop and a good Internet connection now allow everyone to access high-quality education opportunities from wherever they are, whenever they want. Over the past decade, online colleges, universities and coaching classes have grown tremendously – with benefits that had never been imagined earlier. In fact, online education and coaching services have moved-on from being a reliable patchwork to cover the lapses of the conventional education system to full-fledge options on their own.

Some of the reasons why online coaching is the most sensible choice for engineering aspirants and medical aspirants preparing for competitive exams in 2019 are as follows:

Personalized and Modular Coaching Framework

The last quarter of 2018 has begun. It means that you have about six months to prepare for your board exams as well as JEE 2019 or NEET 2019 (depending on whether you are an engineering aspirant or a medical aspirant).

Time for preparation is limited now. This is also the time where you will have to squeeze in your revisions and board exam practice. Hence, you need a study plan where you can choose how many topics to study per day – depending on the number of days left until your examination day.

Online coaching classes for engineering and medical students have a highly modular curriculum structure, where topics are covered in easy-to-understand conversational language. Each topic includes short revision notes, practice papers, formula sheets, as well as tips and tricks sheets – along with the live or recorded video lectures. It means that when you study a topic online, you are able to find everything at one place – and save precious time you would need to spend in preparing your own notes from scratch.

Personalization comes when you are able to choose which topics you want to study and which you don’t. In a traditional class, this is not possible as the teacher has to cover all the topics for the benefit of all the students in class. With little time on your hands, online learning services allow you to choose which topics you would like to skip (as you already understand them well) and which ones you really want to study (in which you need most help).

Affordable and Accessible

Online tutoring has a wide reach. It doesn’t matter if you are live in a small town or a remote area in Leh & Ladakh, if you can access Internet at home then you can always opt for online coaching. You can choose to study from the best teachers sitting anywhere in the world – at very affordable rates. You would not need to shift to another city to be able to study at a reputed coaching institute. You will also save the money and time you would otherwise spend in commuting to and from your coaching institute.

A tutor at home is much costlier than an online tutor who can teach you virtually anytime and anywhere you want.

Engineering and medical aspirants who are not from affluent backgrounds and have to work to sustain their families can also opt for online programs and choose timings that suit them best. Even if someone does miss a class now and then, they can always access recorded video lectures and other content whenever they want and make up for the class they missed. In the online world, students can control the times and places where they choose to study – making way for the most effective learning practices.

A good thing about recorded video lectures is that you can access them as many times as you want – while doing revisions or when you get confused about a particular concept or its applications.

Ideal Support System for Academics

The use of multimedia in the online learning world makes it even more effective. In an era when children are used to smart classes and are at ease with searching for relevant videos, it makes sense that we are able to engage all their senses when it comes to explain difficult concepts to them, and help them understand their applications.

Research has proved that using more senses when we are studying helps us to store information better, making it easier for us to recall it later when we need it. Using images, videos, and 3D representations to explain atomic and molecular structures, differences between animal and plant characteristics, and how gravity works. Multimedia also keeps things interesting and makes it easier for students to pick up new concepts quickly.

Engineering and medical preparing for 2019 exams will also want 24X7 support services, where their queries and doubts can instantly get resolved. Online forums and coaching providers allow you to ask questions from your peers, tutors, and subject experts any time of the day (or night) – and get answers within minutes. Now, that’s a more fruitful kind of social networking for you.

JEE and NEET aspirants may also opt for online test series – designed to help you develop your speed, analyze your strengths and weaknesses in detail, and offer you best expert recommendations.

Author Bio:- Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of AskIITians  an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.

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