Facebook Fixes Like, Share, and Live Video Reaction Count Errors

Facebook has been slowly putting out a bunch of fires it has caused over the past few months. The social networking giant recently admitted the company miscounted some video metrics, such as video average watch time and video percentage watched. The social media giant is correcting the metrics starting with Live video reactions.

You must have noticed all those reaction emojis floating across the screen during a live broadcast. You can react as many times as you want during the broadcast. Facebook is supposed to register your first reaction to determine the total number of “Reactions from Shares of Post.”

live video posts 12 6 facebook

However, due to the faulty metrics, Facebook counted all those extra reactions under the section as well, which skewed the numbers greatly. Facebook has fixed the issue and broadcasters can now expect to see a 25 percent drop in “Reactions from Shares of Post” count. Meanwhile, their “Reactions on Post” count will increase around 500 percent.
Additionally, Facebook has also identified a discrepancy between the counts for the Like and Share buttons and the counts when you enter a URL in the search bar. Facebook is “looking into why inputting the URL as a search query in Facebook’s mobile app might have corresponding numbers that can be higher or lower in certain cases.”

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]