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Eldridge Grade 1: A Comprehensive Review of Academic Progress and Achievements

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Grade 1 is an essential milestone in a student’s academic journey, where they embark on a path of discovery, learning, and growth. At Eldridge Elementary School, the Grade 1 students have displayed remarkable progress and achievements throughout the year. In this article, we will delve into the various areas of academic development and highlight the noteworthy accomplishments of the students at Eldridge Grade.

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I. Language and Literacy Development:

The language and literacy skills of Grade 1 students at Eldridge Elementary have flourished over the academic year. From basic phonics to reading fluency, the students have made significant strides in their language acquisition. Substantial emphasis was placed on phonemic awareness, vocabulary building, and comprehension skills. Many students have transitioned from sounding out words to reading simple sentences with confidence and expression.

II. Mathematics Proficiency:

Mathematics is a fundamental subject that lays the groundwork for logical thinking and problem-solving. The Grade 1 students at Eldridge have demonstrated remarkable progress in their mathematical abilities. They have mastered basic addition and subtraction, developed a solid understanding of numbers and place value, and started exploring concepts such as measurement, time, and money. The students’ enthusiasm for mathematical challenges has been commendable, fostering a positive attitude towards problem-solving.

III. Science Exploration:

Grade 1 students at Eldridge Elementary have been immersed in a world of scientific exploration and discovery. Through hands-on experiments and engaging activities, they have delved into various scientific concepts. From exploring the properties of matter to understanding the life cycles of plants and animals, the students have embraced the wonders of the natural world. Their curiosity and eagerness to ask questions and seek answers have been inspiring.

IV. Social Studies and Global Awareness:

The Grade 1 curriculum at Eldridge Elementary also places significant emphasis on social studies and global awareness. Students have been introduced to topics such as community, geography, cultural diversity, and basic economics. Through interactive lessons and engaging projects, they have developed a deeper understanding of the world around them. The students have shown great enthusiasm in learning about different cultures and expressing respect for diversity.

V. Artistic Expression:

Art education is an integral part of the holistic development of students, fostering creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Eldridge Grade 1 students have engaged in a wide range of artistic activities, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafts. These creative endeavors have allowed them to explore their unique talents and develop their artistic skills. The walls of the classrooms proudly display vibrant masterpieces that reflect the students’ imagination and individuality.

VI. Social and Emotional Growth:

In Grade 1, social and emotional growth is equally important alongside academic achievements. Eldridge Elementary has placed great emphasis on fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Students have participated in various activities that promote empathy, kindness, and cooperation. Through collaborative projects and classroom discussions, they have learned to express their thoughts and emotions effectively, becoming more self-aware and empathetic individuals.


Eldridge Grade 1 has been a remarkable journey of academic progress and achievements. From language and literacy development to mathematical proficiency, scientific exploration, social studies, artistic expression, and social-emotional growth, the students have thrived in various domains. The dedication of the teachers, the support of parents, and the enthusiasm of the students have collectively contributed to this year’s success. As these young learners move forward in their academic journey, they will undoubtedly carry with them the valuable skills and knowledge gained during their Grade 1 experience at Eldridge Elementary.

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