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Best Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Money

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Best Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Money

Financial advice is like giving someone advice to go to the gym. It’s easy, in theory, easier to dish it out to someone, but it’s a hard task to accomplish when you have to do it. But since modern technology is the solution to most of our problems, we have a solution for you.

Here are a few finance management apps for any problem you might have.

1) If You Need Help Tracking Your Finances

Having trouble keeping up with how you spend your dough? Do not fear, expense tracking apps are here. You can choose from a variety of expense tracking apps like:

Walnut Expense Tracking App: Walnut Expense Tracking App can track all your expenses like drinks, food, transport, and also check your prepaid wallets and bank account balances, along with other amazing app features.

Money View: Money View is another great app that helps to track expenses. It also allows you to find a nearby ATM and helps you with tax-saving tips.

2) If You Need Help Paying Online Bills

Everyone likes to shop online, but online payments are really scary.

PayPal: The most significant advantage of the PayPal app is that it will help you make a payment globally, in any currency. Since the app is popular worldwide, PayPal will smoothen your checkout process, even if your cart value is in dollars or euros.

Amazon Pay: Amazon is the biggest fish in the online shopping market, so it makes sense that it has its own system of payment. Every time you shop from Amazon, you have the advantage of a smoother payment system.

3) If You Need Help Managing Your Investments

Mutual funds are one of the best ways to grow your money long term. The best person who can manage your finances is you. Here are a few apps that let you manage your investments and give you information about what’s best for your portfolio:

ET Money: ET Money, which is associated with everyone’s favourite source of financial news, Economic Times, helps you plan your mutual funds and also gives you useful tax-saving tips.

Groww App: We all know investing in mutual funds is hard enough — but the interface of this app makes the excruciating task a bit simpler. It also has a dashboard where you can track your investments and total returns.

4) If You Need an Instant Personal Loan

Banks will take a long time to process a personal loan application, and we all know the perils of getting involved with a loan shark thanks to Bollywood movies. Personal loan apps have led the way to provide users with easy cash loans within a very short time period, sometimes as short as one hour.

MoneyTap: This app is India’s first app-based credit line that helps with lending money at flexible interest rates, that too, in a very short time period. The app has an easy to use interface also, which loads in a jiffy.

Bajaj Finserv: Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans that are instantly approved and disbursed within a day. The brand name adds to the trustworthiness of the app too.

5) If You Need Help With Your Taxes

If you think you are the only one who has difficulty doing your taxes, you’re wrong. Albert Einstein once famously said that he thought the one thing in the world that was difficult to understand was taxes.

Here are a few apps that can help you with your taxes:

ThinkTax: ThinkTax lets you calculate your tax based on your income.

MyTax India: MyTax India is an app that instantly calculates tax, tax splits, and can decide how much investment is required for the amount.

6) If You Need Help Finding the Right Insurance Provider for You

Another tricky problem with managing your financial portfolio is managing your insurance.

Reliance Self-i: Reliance Self-i will help you buy/review insurance on-the-go, and the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Policy Bazaar: Policy Bazaar helps you compare insurance policies from different providers and buy different policies online.

Whatever your financial emergency, there’s an app that has a solution to everything!

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