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BabyPod Ensures Your Unborn Baby Can Hear Music As Clearly As Possible

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Some parents like stimulating their unborn babies’ brain development through storytelling, music, and other forms of auditory entertainment. However, listening to sounds through layers of flesh and clothing doesn’t seem like a very good acoustic experience for the baby. That’s why BabyPod is here.

“The uterus is a place protected from the exterior, and it is the mother’s body that carries out this protecting role through multiple layers of soft tissue,” says the website for BabyPod. “These attenuate the intensity of sound and distort it in its journey to the uterus; it’s similar to what happens when you hear a conversation in the next-door room without catching everything that is said.”

So, to let your baby experience the best possible sound quality, you’ve got to play music through the vagina. BabyPod basically looks like a tampon equipped with a speaker. By placing the speaker inside the vagina, it can bypass the layers of the abdominal wall, so the baby can hear the music with as much clarity as possible.

Research suggests that music is not only stimulating for the brain, it also improves neurological development. Parents are often advised to play music for their unborn children, and with BabyPod parents can now ensure that babies can hear the music as clearly as possible. In fact, according to BabyPod, babies that listened to the music using the speaker reacted with “body and/or mouth and tongue movements.” Not only that, babies were reported to reacted differently each time they heard the music.

Of course, we also have to take the mother into consideration. BabyPod promises that the speaker is totally safe for mothers, and that the only material that comes into contact with the mother is silicone, which won’t irritate the skin. The speaker also only goes up to 54 decibels, which is about as loud as a hushed conversation.

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