Xbox One’s Twitter App Now Lets You See Your Timeline While Watching Videos

Xbox One's Twitter App Now Lets You See Your Timeline While Watching Videos


  • Twitter app for Xbox One now supports 360-degree video streaming
  • Users can now watch two livestreams at the same time
  • Xbox Live reputation system will be relaxed soon

The Twitter app for Xbox One has received an update and the application now allows users to see their own timeline while watching videos. Apart from this, the app now supports 360-degree live videos as well and allows users to watch two live streams at the same time as well. Separately, Microsoft is now planning to ease up the banning system on Xbox Live.

First talking about the Twitter app for Xbox, earlier users could see the top comments about a particular video while watching it, with “Multi-timeline viewing” feature, users will be able to see their timeline as well as a wide range of commentary from a variety of accounts, as per the update log. Apart from this, users will now be able to see two live streams with picture-in-picture mode at the same time and have the option to toggle between the two.

With ‘Global live video selection’ feature, users can click at any place from the globe and get to see the live videos from that region with their app. Engadget points out in its report that the company has further added the option to stream 360-degree live videos to the app with latest update as well.

Finally coming to the Xbox Live banning system, Microsoft’s Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra has explained in a forum post that the company will be changing the Xbox Live reputation system to improve user experience. In his post, Ybarra said that on the basis of the feedback from players from different multiplayer games, including competitive ones like Overwatch, the company is going to change the way reports affect players’ ability to join and play multiplayer games.

“In short, we’ll change it so that it will have no impact on a player’s ability to join and play multiplayer. It could still impact a reported player’s (this takes many reports over time, not just a few) ability to communicate with non-friends in multiplayer games, but it won’t prevent them from playing,” Ybarra said. The changes are expected to be made later this month.