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Why Conventioneers Should Consider Vacation Home

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San-Diego-Conventioneers-580x333Rather than hotels or motels, conventioneers today can be seen opting for vacation homes to stay in. The reasons for this shift in preference could be varied but mostly the corporate and business travelers seem to enjoy the at-home amenities and accommodations of vacation homes. Not only the modern vacation homes are an amazing alternative to cramped hotels that are often crowded, but these vacation homes are also a smart combination of functional practicality and spacious luxury. At the same price you can get more rooms and more room per person in a vacation home than in a hotel or motel. Most vacation homes typically offer four to five bedrooms with around three bathrooms which allow a sales team or small group to prepare for their upcoming events like meeting, presentation or seminar. The vacation homes are also well-equipped with modern connectivity facilities like WiFi, high-speed internet etc.

More often than not, you will find these vacation homes being located closer to the popular convention centers. Therefore, to be minutes away from the convention centers will save the groups and teams travel time. Even when the homes are not located within walking distance, you will find them conveniently positioned closer to public transportation or it will have shuttles or vans facilities arranged by the convention center. The vacation homes are also more economical for small groups and teams as the overall expenditure is lesser when compared to what they have to spend on motels or hotels and their costs can be easily found skyrocketing.

Separate rooms provided by pricey suites can drain the required conventioneer funds quickly. With vacation homes it is easier to keep prices under control as they provide a lower single rate for the whole team. Same is applicable for meal expenses which can spin out of control when all the members eat in a hotel or motel or in a restaurant offsite. The advantage of these homes is that they also come with gourmet kitchens with all necessary equipment like microwave, fridge, stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, ovens, pans, pots, tableware etc. where every team members can have all their meals. Some of these homes also feature arrangements like dryer, washing machine etc. saving your cost on laundry and along with it they also provide housekeeper services.

These homes are ideal for conventioneers to relax as they also offer a range of entertainment options. The vacation homes come with all the modern conveniences such as large screen TVs, poker, foosball, board games and video game consoles. Along with it, they also have air conditioning and fireplace to ensure comfort all-round the year. The houses have completely private relaxing spas, hot tubs and gated pools for the group exclusive and not meant for sharing with strangers. It is owing to its private nature that the vacation homes can help in building the pride and mutual royalty within the conventioneer’s team. Additionally, these homes might also feature a room patio or BBQ which overlook the spa and pool and a large outdoor dining table with sitting arrangement for the whole team.

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