WhatsApp update: 5 upcoming features that will change the way we use the chat app

WhatsApp update: 5 upcoming features that will change the way we use the chat app

WhatsApp is a major part of most of our lives and the Facebook-owned company is working hard to make sure it stays so. WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging app on the Android and iOS-based smartphones and the company is in no mood to give away its lead over others. The messaging app is maintaining its popularity and top spot by pushing timely updates that enhance user experience. Here’re the upcoming features that are set to further improve WhatsApp’s look and feel.

QR Code: The QR code scanning will minimise the number of steps that are currently required to add a new contact to the phones. The new feature will let users add contacts to their smartphones by scanning other users’ WhatsApp QR codes. Post this update, every WhatsApp user will get a unique QR code which can be scanned by others to add them to their phone contacts. The feature hasn’t gone live yet on WhatsApp but a similar feature is already available for the users of Chinese chat application WeChat.

Dark Mode: Dark Mode is the craze and almost every major application like Gmail, Google Chrome and even Facebook’s Messenger has a dark mode now. However, WhatsApp is still working on it and the mode could make an appearance on the messaging platform soon. There are several advantages of having a ‘dark mode’ other than it being easier on the eyes and offering a striking new look. It saves the battery of your device, especially the ones having AMOLED displays.

WhatsApp fingerprint authentication: The upcoming fingerprint authentication feature on WhatsApp will add an extra layer of security for the users of the chat app who will have to authenticate themselves every time they open the app in future. The new authorisation method will make the third party locking apps, which were very popular, redundant.

Sharing WhatsApp status post on Facebook: WhatsApp will soon allow its users to share their status posts to not just Facebook but also Instagram, Gmail and Google photos. The transfer of the status is made using the data-sharing API used by iOS and Android. The API lets users share content without linking the accounts.

Ranking of contacts: The new feature will keep your favourite contacts up on top all the time. The ranking feature will automatically rank contacts by detecting which contacts you interact with more.