Uber Now Shows Upcoming Event Destinations With Calendar Shortcuts

Uber Now Shows Upcoming Event Destinations With Calendar Shortcuts

Uber has announced a new feature in its app to make travelling to scheduled meetings and events a little easier. The ride-hailing serivce has introduced a new feature called Calendar Shortcuts that syncs calendar events with the Uber app to automatically show shortcut destination alongside Home and Work shortcuts when you open the app.

This feature was announced first at the time of major redesign roll out in November, and two months later, the company has finally rolled it out for iOS users. The redesign back then gave birth to ‘Shortcuts’ – a feature that predicts where frequent riders are headed, so you can get moving with just one tap. Leveraging this feature, Calendar Shortcuts will let you book cabs from the Uber app without having to look up addresses or check up on timings – if you’re comfortable giving up this degree of information to Uber that is.

This feature reads all your upcoming events in your Calendar app, and creates shortcuts for them on Uber. This will do away with the need to add the address manually in the destination bar, and the meeting address will show up as a shortcut alongside ‘Home and ‘Work’ shortcut buttons. For this to work, you will have to connect your Calendar with Uber by going to Settings -> Calendar events. Once this is done, all upcoming events will be synced automatically, provided the events have an address mentioned in them.

This feature is currently available only to iOS users, and is expected to arrive for Android users soon. As mentioned, Uber’s overhauled app brought a completely new interface with a new modern design that aims to reduce steps to book a cab. The new user interface looks slick, but could be a little complicated to users’ accustomed to the old design. We’ve created a guide to help you understand the new app and make you learn how it works.

[Source:- gadsgets.ndtv]