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Top Salaries in the Technology Industry

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The endless possibilities of technology mean there is always new technology roles being created, with specialist roles that had never existed before dominating the job markets. The large influence of technology and how it adapts the performance of our day-to-day tasks means there is an increased demand for the personnel who work in the technology sector.

Currently, companies are struggling to fill certain technology roles because there aren’t enough specialist skills available to recruit. What this means is that the people that do have those highly demanded skills can command a greater salary package. You will now find that IT workers occupy some of the highest places in salary rankings.

An IT salary report published by Payscale shows the top IT (median) salaries by role:

Software Engineer – $80,930

IT Project Manager – $ 84,446

Network Engineer – $64,176

Systems Administrator – $60,940

Senior Software Engineer $99,543

IT Consultant – $75,762

IT Manager – $89,002

A further report, published by Forbes indicated that Software Engineers could earn up to $168,000 and was one of the highest paying non-medical jobs in the United States.

If you are looking for a change of career or you are still in educationand have a great love for technology, going into the IT sector couldbe very appealing. Training to be a doctor can take years, and the work-life balance is known for not being unsociable with long shifts and overnighters. Technology based job roles could offer you the great medium.

If you are about to go into full-time study, you can get into IT with an undergraduate degree and work your way up. However, there are some people working in the sector and earning a good salary that haven’t needed to study to degree level due to apprenticeships ad internships with on-site training. With a shortage of IT-based skills, there is high demand for people to fill IT positions that come hand-in-hand with a good salary.

The reasons behind this shortage of peoplearen’t that fewer people are trained in this area, but it is because the number of IT roles required is multiplying at a rapidrate most are struggling to keep up with. From cyber security specialists working for the police, to project managers bringing in an innovative new system, to sqldatabase recoveryspecialists and data retrieval professionals, there are many, varied roles available.

High performing students may start to change their preferred line of work based on the patterns that are emerging. If you are looking for a job with a 9 to 5 routine, that offers great monetary options, then consider a job in IT and technology. Or, if you find yourself already with a degree in hand but still require a few more qualifications, consider flexible online courses.

Given that technology continues to hurtle on at a startling rate and a magnitude of manual tasks are becoming automated, the future of recruitment will be focused on technology based roles as they continue to become the big-earners in our society.

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