Top Instagram Accounts For Social Media Marketers

Social media marketers are using Instagram as their platform for displaying their brand. They are also taking advantage of various Instagram accounts to obtain tips about their marketing process. Now, let us discuss some of the popular accounts that are generally followed by the marketers:

Content Marketing Institute:  As a marketer, you must be aware of various tricks and techniques of SEO. Now, content marketing also plays an essential role in your optimization campaign. If high quality content is shared through the social media platform, you can expect a large number of followers who may turn into your potential clients. This account can provide you a lot of tips and insights regarding the content marketing.

Kim Garst :  Kim Garst is a popular social media expert who offers essential tips through the Instagram account. If you start following her, you can definitely get inspired by her hard work. She specifically provides tips for the social media marketing in the small business sector.

Socinova : In this account , you can observe some easy tips which be used in various business and projects by the marketers. Though the processes are really simple, but they can really be effective in fetching great results. Socinova also shares inspirational photos which help the social marketers to get motivated in their work.

Social Glims : Irrespective of the size of your business, social media platforms can be used as one of the marketing media. If you want to know about the advanced social media tools, you must follow the Social Glims account. You can also obtain support and training from this useful account. To know more, you can surely take the help of the professional experts of Instamacro.

I Boom Media: If you want to get some dosage of inspiration, you should definitely follow this account. It also helps in honing your marketing skills by providing some effective tips and strategies.

The Social Agency: The interesting images with effective messages from this account can help you in becoming a successful social media marketer. You should never miss to follow this account if you are looking for tips as well as inspirational messages.

The Crush Agency:  With creative images and simple messages, this account can provide helpful tips for the social media marketers. Through the images, it provides powerful messages that are really useful for brushing up the marketing skills.

Emily Lagrange:  This account belongs to a personal user who is also a popular social media marketer. With the help of useful photos, she shares effective marketing tips. When you start following her account, you can notice a large number of infographics which can offer various tips and techniques of SEO campaigns required in the marketing process. You can also be updated with the latest trends with the help of the infographics only. This is a very effective method as you are not required to go through the long text, but just need to look at the image for some time.

GoPro :  From GoPro, you can obtain tips about how can you display your brand without showing the pictures of the products. For example, for displaying cameras as your business product, you need not show the models of the cameras. Instead, you can post pictures taken from the cameras to show the picture quality.

Make sure that you are creating a complete profile for ensuring the visibility of your brand. You can follow both the organization accounts as well as the accounts of the personal users. Some of the useful accounts are mentioned above. If you can find more interesting Instagram accounts, never forget to follow them for obtaining useful tips.

Author Bio:  Peter Samuel is a social media expert who works in Instamacro. In this article, he mentions about some of the popular accounts in Instagram that can be followed for obtaining social media marketing tips.